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Application Of CBN
Dec 14, 2017

Cubic boron nitride cubic boron nitride powder, used in precision grinding, grinding, polishing and ultra-finishing, to achieve high-precision machined surface.

Applicable to resin, metal, ceramic and other binding agent system, can also be used for the production of poly-crystalline composite sheet sintered body, it can use as loose abrasive particles, abrasive paste. The black cubic boron nitride CBN has excellent chemical and physical properties, such as the high hardness after diamond, thermal stability and chemical inertness, as superhard abrasive in different industries to obtain a wide range of applications, is now becoming the automotive, aerospace, mechanical electronics, microelectronics and other industries indispensable important materials,

Therefore, the industrial developed countries have received great attention. There are many methods for synthesizing CBN in addition to static high pressure catalyst, such as static high pressure direct conversion method, dynamic impact method, vapor deposition method, and some methods such as vapor deposition method develop rapidly. But so far the main method of industrial synthetic CBN is static high pressure catalyst method, the synthesis of CBN is mainly focused on this aspect.

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