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A Basic Introduction To Grit
Jul 12, 2018

Gravel is a granular, non-viscous material.

At present, the domestic highway construction, the natural gravel or grade gravel stone used by the usual practice is: gravel in accordance with a certain gradation composition, and then add a small amount of binder (such as cement or two ash), the composition of the mixture as a road base, natural gravel as the base of the road.

In road engineering applications, gravel materials are widely distributed and the strength of individual particles is large. Because the gravel is lack of stickiness, it is prone to water damage, infiltration damage, freezing damage and loose destruction. To this end, based on the experiment, combining the factors of water failure of gravel mixture, the mechanism of water failure and the mechanism of freezing failure, this paper analyzes the characteristics and influencing factors of the seepage failure of sand-gravel mixture structure, and puts forward the countermeasures to solve the loose failure of gravel-stone mixtures. It is considered that the reasonable gradation can help to ensure the stability of ice and water of the mixture. The crushed gravel can enhance the inter-embedding and locking of particles in the mixture. Therefore, the natural gravel, crushed gravel composition of the mixture, its performance is superior to natural sand and gravel mixture.

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