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Lab Grown Gem Diamond

Lab grown diamond is a real diamond in every aspect. Its chemical, physical, atomic, optical and all characteristics are the same as natural diamond. Lab grown diamond is a diamond produced and manufactured by artificial methods simulating the crystalline characteristics of natural diamond, is produced in a high-tech instrument that simulates the environment in which natural diamonds are produced. All of its characteristics are consistent with natural diamonds. From a scientific point of view, lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds have the same composition and characteristics, the only difference is that they are formed in different places. Laboratory-grown diamonds differ from common imitations such as cubic zirconia, mosaic, White Sapphire and lead-containing crystals, which resemble natural diamonds in appearance but do not have all the same characteristics as natural diamonds. Laboratory-grown diamonds are not imitations or imitations of diamonds, but diamonds of real significance in every respect, with chemical, physical, atomic and optical properties identical to natural diamonds.

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Name: laboratory grown diamond, 

weight: 0.5-3.5 carats.

Application: cutting and grinding/polishing into bare diamonds, inlaid in rings, necklaces and other ornaments.

Is natural diamond the same as artificial diamonds?

In 2016, various media reported the cultivation of diamonds in the laboratory. Almost all news reports recognise the undeniable fact that diamonds, whether grown in laboratories or mined naturally, are essentially the same.

The American Monthly magazine "New era of Science and Technology" CharlesChoi proposed to his girlfriends with a laboratory grown diamond. In addition, the Racked website reporter ChavieLieber quotes a businessman from a three-generation family jewellery business in her article: "There are two kinds of diamonds, the first of which is from a clean laboratory, and the other is the miners who have made great efforts to extract them from the harsh environment of the ore field. ”

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