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The development of Nano diamond in the emerging field
Jan 11, 2016

1. The application of nano-diamond in lubricating oil, lubricating grease and coolant is mainly used in the machinery industry, metal processing, engine manufacturing, shipbuilding, aviation, transportation. The addition of nano-diamond in lubricating oil can improve the working life of engine and transmission unit, save fuel oil, reduce the frictional moment 20~40%, Friction surface wear reduces 30~40%. 1000 kg oil consumption nano diamond 0.1~0.2 kg.

The application of nano-diamond in lubricating oil must solve the problem of stable suspension, the problem has been solved by the company at present.

2, Nano diamond-polymer complex Nano-diamond polymer complexes are used in aviation, automobiles, tractors, shipbuilding, medical, chemical, petrochemical, Globe valves,

Protective and abrasion resistant coatings. The elastic strength properties of poly (isoprene rubber), SBR, NBR and natural rubber have been greatly improved. The addition of nano-diamond in rubber can reduce the wear and tear by the average of 30% and increase the damage temperature by 15%. The epoxy resin containing nano-diamond has higher adhesion and cohesion, and nano-diamond in polymer can improve its strength, abrasion resistance and heat aging effect.

1000 kg of rubber (polymer) consumption of nano-diamond 1000m2 kg, the polymer coating is consumed by diamond.

3, Burn oxalate was Nano-diamond in the field of abrasive abrasives is mainly used to mix with transition metal to produce high strength low porosity diamond sintered body, its microhardness can reach 6000~7000kg/ mm2. Can be used to process soft or brittle materials, the processing surface roughness is very low. If the pre-epitaxial growth of carbon or the addition of static pressure synthesis of diamond powder, sintering under the 10~12GPA pressure obtained diamond crystal hardness can reach the level of natural diamond single crystals. Drill bits to drill high-strength rock formations to reach or exceed cb-сп (Russia) polycrystalline performance When compacting the diamond powder synthesized by static pressure, the nano-diamond is used as a component of the silicon impregnating material, which can increase the burning oxalate was yield by almost one time, and the compressive strength from 1.7GPa to 2.2GPa. The sintered body is used as the cutting element of the drill bit.

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