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Products of Diamond Micro powder
Sep 01, 2015

1. Abrasive

including consolidated abrasives, coated abrasives and loose abrasives, such as grinding wheel, sand tile, diamond belt, fine grinding pills, grinding paste and so on.

2. Cutting Tools

Diamond Poly-crystalline composite or natural large single crystal support lathe knives, boring knives, milling cutters.

3. Dressing Tools

Shaping and trimming rollers, correcting pens, trimming blocks.

4. Drawing die

Diamond polycrystalline wire drawing die, drawing wire, filament, sieve wire and other metal filaments.

5. Other tools

Scribing knives, glass knives, engraving knives and so on.

6. Special Instrument Components Hardness tester pressure head, surface roughness meter side head, microwave, laser, large scale integrated circuit of the diamond heat dissipation element, resistance thermometer, etc. with special sound, light, electricity, thermal performance of the original.

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