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Nano Diamond in the traditional field
Feb 10, 2016

According to the data published by Russian Nano diamond expert Valeriyuriyavich, the application of nanometer diamond is briefly introduced:

1, nano-diamond and metal composite coating

The service life of the parts after plating is increased by 1~9 times. The coating thickness can be reduced by double. Standard electroplating equipment is used in electroplating.

The average diamond content in metallic coatings is 0.3~0.5 wt%. When the coating thickness is 1 microns, the diamond consumption is 0.2 grams (1 carats)/m2.

2, Nano Diamond polishing Solution Nano-diamond polishing solution is widely used in semiconductor wafer polishing, computer hard disk substrate, computer head polishing, precision ceramics, artificial crystals, cemented carbide, gem polishing and other fields for its excellent properties. Russia with nano-diamond polishing quartz, optical glass, and its polished surface roughness of up to 1nm. The application of nano-diamond shows many advantages. Due to the ultra-fine, ultra-hard, optical polishing in the problem solved. Fine polishing is a difficult problem in optical polishing, the original process method is to use the abrasive repeatedly, it takes dozens of hours, the efficiency is very low. Now the use of nano-diamond, so that the polishing speed greatly improved. The time required to polish the same workpiece takes only more than 10 hours to dozens of minutes and is dozens of times times as high as hundreds of times times more efficient. Here are a few examples of many applications of nano-diamond. From these examples, it is not difficult to conclude that nano-diamond can adapt to meet the needs of ultra-fine machining development.

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