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Development trend and prospect of synthetic diamond industry
Apr 22, 2015

With the continuous improvement of synthetic diamond grades, its excellent performance is expected to be more widely used in high-tech field, such as aerospace instrumentation bearings, radar waveguide, optical devices, high-energy smoke and other precision instruments processing; can be used for monocrystalline silicon, 0.1~0.2mm thick polycrystalline silicon wafer cutting, grinding, Satellite solar panels, such as high-efficiency precision processing, can be used in computer chips and other large-scale integrated circuit micro-precision cutting, slotting, back thinning, nano-diamond polishing and other processing; high-purity large single crystal diamond can also be used for dynamic compression test of high-intensity optical windows, The window hole of some devices in the very environment and the research of nuclear fusion energy components and so on.

The developed countries all over the world, including synthetic diamond and other superhard materials and products as the focus of development, superhard materials and products, the level of research and application to a certain extent represents a country's scientific and technological development level.

The proportion of high-grade diamond in China's synthetic diamond market is low, and the added value increases space At present, the production value of superhard materials and products is around 1:3~1:6, with the growth of the market scale of superhard materials in the downstream, the market prospect of superhard materials is very broad. High-grade diamond market demand for the overall market share of about 60%~70%, according to the current domestic technology production of diamond products, high-grade diamond accounted for a low proportion, only about 25%~30%, with 60% of the market demand, the gap is 30%~35%.

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