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Development background of diamond tools
Jun 16, 2017

Tools, is the extension of human ability, is to promote social development and progress of the lever. Tools play an irreplaceable role in the development of human history, and with the high efficiency and precision of the work requirements, the technical requirements for the production of tools more and more high. 50 years ago, people were struggling to find how to change the hard and brittle material processing industry difficult and inefficient labor condition, until 1955 synthetic diamond for the first time in the United States, the production and promotion of diamond tools laid the foundation, but also for many difficult hard and brittle non-metallic materials processing industry has brought dawn, Become an epoch-making tool revolution in human history, its processing efficiency is obviously higher than in the past, diamond tools with its incomparable performance advantages, become today recognized, the only effective hard and brittle non-metallic materials processing tools, for example, only with diamond tools can be processed superhard ceramics, there is no other substitutes. Diamond grinding wheels are used to grind cemented carbide, 10,000 times times more durable than SIC. The production efficiency can be increased several times to dozens of times times by using diamond abrasive instead of sic abrasive to process optical glass.

Diamond Polycrystalline Wire drawing Die is 250 times times longer than that of tungsten carbide wire drawing die.

According to the different uses of diamond tools, mainly divided into: diamond grinding tools, diamond sawing tools, diamond tools, diamond drilling tools and other major categories. With the continuous development of China's economy, diamond tools are not only widely used in civil construction and civil engineering, stone processing industry, automotive industry, transportation industry, geological prospecting and defense industries and other fields and other modern high-tech fields, but also in gems, medical equipment, wood, fiberglass, stone crafts, Many new fields, such as ceramics and composite non-metal hard brittle materials, are emerging, and the demand for diamond tools in society is increasing every year.

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