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A new preparation method of nanometer diamond was developed by Russia
Mar 03, 2015

The research on the optical sieving method of detonation nano-diamond has been carried out by the Physics Technology Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and the researchers of the National Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy of Petersburg, and it is proved by experiments that diamond with a diameter of 3~6 nanometer has unique spectral absorption characteristics, which provides a possibility for obtaining purer nano-diamond suspensions. The method has not been widely used because of the weakness of large impurity mass in the detonation method. But over the past decade, the development of the detonation-related purification technology has again attracted the attention of researchers who have used it as the simplest way to acquire diamond. The application of nano-diamond has been confined to the field of abrasive abrasives such as poly-crystal and polishing agent.

With the deepening of the understanding of nano-diamond properties, nano-diamond has been applied in the fields of metal coating, lubricating oil, magnetic recording system, medicine and so on, and the application field is expanding. Russian domestic production of nano-diamond particles in general diameter of 200~400 nanometer. The team first crushed the nano-diamond particles to 4 nm, and then applied a special method to the nano-diamond suspension for multi-stage heating, and then through acid and ultrasonic treatment, the resulting dark brown nano-diamond emulsion suspension, compared to the use of standard pure ball milling technology to get more pure and more transparent.

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