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Diamond Saw Grit

Diamond Saw Grit

Saw grit diamond

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Economy grade diamond, Angular shape with rough surface, low toughness & high brittleness, to be used grinding tools, wheels which work with low load and impact strength. Also recommended to make metal bond or electroplated tools for low load conditions, mostly used for making small blades, etc.


Wide scope of crystals with low toughness and low impact resistance, bigger fragility, recommended for low load conditions, like sawing soft materials and polishing stones, concrete, grinding of grinding wheels, etc. with light load.


The crystals has a rather regular shape, lower strength and bigger fragility, relatively low toughness and thermal stability achieves a better self-sharpness in sawing soft-hard materials, mainly used for making general purpose cutting discs, widely used for general quality blades in moderate applications, grinding of grinding wheels, etc with light load.


Comparatively regular crystal shape, medium-low toughness and thermal stability´╝îbelonging to middle grade but contain more regular crystal shape. It is widely used to relatively low powder & impact conditions, such as sawing and grinding construction materials, marble, etc. It is also ideal for grinding and free-cutting tools, grinding wheels where demanding medium load.


Comparatively regular crystal shape, good compact strength and thermal stability. Applied to sawing tools for sawing marble, granite and series of engineering. It has a wide range of application for sawing and drilling non-ferrous materials, like refractory materials, concrete, glass, marble, etc.


Regular complete crystal shape, consistent crystal color, good transparency, low impurity, high strength and good thermal stability, It is suitable for wider range of sawing conditions which request high impact ability, and for making tools for sawing all kinds of hard stone and concrete, also suitable for geological drills.


Consistent crystal color, complete optimized crystal shape with straight crystal edges, good transparency, very high strength, purity and thermal stability. It is suitable for sawing and drilling under conditions of high impact requirements and heavy load, like reinforced concrete, very hard granites, also suitable for geological drills and top cutting, drilling and grinding tools.


Completely cube-octahedral crystal with highest purity, very low internal impurities, perfect crystal transparence with extremely high strength, excellent thermal stability and compact resistance. specifically designed for high performance sawing and drilling applications, making tools for sawing all kinds of hard stone and concrete, high-grade cutting tools, revising tools, drillings under severe conditions.

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