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Henan Mochen Superabrasives Co., Ltd. is a professional Company specialized in superabrasives only, we have more than 20 years experience of supplying industrial diamond and CBN to more than 500 customers from more than 20 Countries, our main products: diamond saw grit, diamond mesh powder, diamond micron powder, CBN, coated diamond and coated CBN, nano diamond, diamond compound….

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Henan Mochen Superabrasives Co., Ltd., is a Company combined with 2 professional teams, one of our team's has over 30 years experience in superabrasives industry, another team has over 25 years experience in car refinished industry. We have excellent understanding of China superasive industry and car-refinished industry, able to offer excellent solutiosns and products for our customers.

  • High Grade Reformed Diamond


    Polycrystalline-like diamond powder is produced by secondary treatment of ordinary diamond by chemical method. It completely changes the structure of ordinary ...
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  • Artificial Diamond


    Name: artificial diamond, weight: 0.5-3.5 carats. Application: cutting and grinding/polishing into bare diamonds, inlaid in rings, necklaces and other ornaments. Is natural diamond the same as...
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  • Lab Grown Gem Diamond


    Lab grown diamond is a real diamond in every aspect. Its chemical, physical, atomic, optical and all characteristics are the same as natural diamond. Lab grown diamond is a diamond produced and...
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  • Resin Bond Micron Diamond


    Resin bonded diamond micron powder, light grey color, massive, brittle, polycrystalline structure. well controlled particle shape and particle...
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  • Light Grey Resin Bond Diamond


    Light gray color, medium toughness and brittleness, toughness is slightly lower than RBD20 but with higher brittleness, excellent self sharpness, first choice...
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  • Dark Green Resin Bond Diamond


    Dark green color, medium toughness and brittle, irregular shape, excellent self sharpening ability , ideal products for fields require both grinding efficiency and tool life.
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